Team at the fair

We have found each other!

The SV team are always passionate about what they do - eager, positive and determined. Our work requires skill and precision every single day. Sharing knowledge and the willingness to pass on abilities is part of our working day. We appreciate respect and enjoy our work with a passion - and this is also what we want to show our customers.

Name: Johannes Albers

Position: Staff Deployment Manager

My favourite dish:

I like it traditional: smoked pork, sauerkraut and mash

What’s important to me when selecting personnel:

In my job a lot of things can be solved simply with a good discussion. Anyone who knows me well knows that I like drinking a glass of camomile tea while doing so. Motivated and satisfied employees are my aim.

Name: Hassan Allouti

Position: Logistics

Favourite dish

Everything my mother cooks for me.

What matters to me at work:

That every delivery is on time and our customers are satisfied.

We make sure that everything is available in the right quantity, at the right time and in the right quality.



Name: Carolin Brücker

Position: Event and Sales Manager

Favourite dish:

I like going to Portugal, so it’s only logical that my favourite dishes come from there: “sardinhas grelhadas” and “leitao assado à Bairrada” (Bairrada roast suckling pig).

What’s important to me in my career:

My personal motto: Create something nice. In my job I have many opportunities to live this motto. In my contacts with all kinds of people from all kinds of places I love fascinating customers and guests.

Name: Birgit Brysch

Position: Head of Event Management

Favourite dish:

My favourite dish - anything that swims but doesn’t have flippers!

What is important to me with our events:

My passion is creatively implementing our customers’ ideas and wishes and always trying to go above and beyond that. Happy customers who take nice memories home with them are my biggest compliment. And my personal motto is: think positive, life is beautiful!

Name: Ben Buchloh

Position: Controlling

Favourite dish:

Pasta, preferably with Bolognese sauce... 

My understanding of my position of controller: 

“Take what’s useful and leave what isn’t to one side. And add something of your own”. I like clear structures and look out for figures, processes and many other things besides. Transparency and credibility are fundamental here.

Name: Funda Cigdem

Position: Sales Manager for Stand Catering

Favourite dish:

Pizza or Sushi - no competition

What I like about my job:

I have a perfect view of the exhibition site from my office. I always find the international surroundings very exciting. I like the customers I advise and I always enjoy communicating with them.

Name: Rainer Gowin

Position: Senior Event Manager

Favourite dish:

My favourite dishes always have a seasonal touch, such as asparagus with sauce hollandaise, chanterelles and game.

What is important to me with our events:

Every fair is different and this means there are always new challenges that require different ways of thinking. My motto when implementing events is: there’s a solution for everything.

Name: Gideon Müller

Position: Project Manager Event & Sales

Favourite dish:

Porterhouse steak, grilled medium rare and topped off with coarse salt. As a side dish a simple tomato salad and rosemary potatoes with sour cream.

What makes my job what it is: 

Communication is everything in my job, so according to Camus "We have to keep looking for the next conversation. The conversation is the only bridge between people."

Name: Yvonne Kißel

Position: Project assistant Finance

Favourite Dish: Braised beef "Rhineland Style" with red cabbage, potatoe dumpling and apple puree.

What i like about my job: 

It offers variety and versatility! Juggling with numbers is my world.

My Motto: 

Start the day with a laugh and you have already won it!

Name: Klaus Kissel

Position: Industrial Electrician

Favourite dish:

I’m a big meat fan. If I had to decide, I would choose “Rheinischer Kohlpott”.

This makes my task at the fair what it is:

In our team I am responsible for the security and function of almost everything. You will probably never see me without my big key ring, mobile and at least one tool. When everyone is saying it won’t work there has to be someone who can prove it will.

Name: Dirk Eisenmenger

Position: Chef

Favourite dish:


What is important to me as a cook:

Working together with my colleagues, having all kinds of different tasks in the kitchen - work must be fun too.

Name: Stefanie Kuttenkeuler

Position: Staff Deployment Manager

Favourite dish:

Stuffed peppers with mash - always a perfect choice for me.

This is what is important to me as a Staff Deployment Manager: 

Anyone who knows me knows that I always have a Plan B in my pocket. I look for team capability and action when I put together our teams for the fair; these are both often more important than words. Anyone who also brings a passion for catering with them is in the right place with us.

Name: Stefan Muster

Position: Food & Beverage Manager

Favourite dish:

Almost purist but still really tasty: veal steak, asparagus and new potatoes.

What matters for me at work:

I have made a career out of my passion for good food. I develop the catering concepts and love it when these plans work. My personal secret weapon for creating a good taste is a prise of fleur de sel. I even look for exuberant ideas and trends when I am away on holiday.

Name: Edgar Pauleweit

Position: Head of Operations

Favourite dish:

I really love Mediterranean vegetables and soups. With pasta, garlic and vegetables in the summer, for example, or hearty soups in the winter.

What is important to me as a host:

To paraphrase Hegel, nothing comes about without interest. My interest is in our customers and employees. A team made up of motivated employees is priceless if we want to thrill our customers with excellent service.

Name: Stephanie Scholz

Position: Fair Shop Manager

Favourite dish:

I can’t really decide whether I like pasta or sushi more.

This is what I like about my job:

The Fair Shop is usually open 2-3 days before the fair. I run the meeting point for anyone who wants to grab a quick coffee and a roll to go. But we offer much more than that. There are more than 1000 products on the shelves. I like advising and the many different ways we have contact with our customers.

Name: Uwe Seidel

Position: Food & Beverage Manager

Favourite dish:

Confit of cod with fennel and zucchini.

This is what makes my job what it is: 

Being with the times is also important in the kitchen. This only works if you dare to take a frequent look beyond the end of your nose. Testing, experimenting and developing my own recipes continue to make my job exciting.

Name: Phuong Thao Do

Position: Event Manager

Favourite dish:

Asian noodles are my favourite. My favourite dish is Pho - a home-made rice noodle soup with seasonal extras.

What I like about my work:

I have great colleagues with whom I can work creatively and constructively. We work together and not against each other. I really like the international background at the fair.

Name: Jana Winter

Position: Manager / Management Services and Quality Management

Favourite dish:

I really like risotto - preferably with fresh porcini and parmesan.

What is important to me when working:

Oscar Wilde once said, “All will be well in the end, and if it is not yet well, it is not yet the end.” That is my motto in my job. But anyone who knows me knows that I always have a Plan B in my pocket. And with all the hustle and bustle that goes on when a big fair is on that’s not a bad thing.

Name: Maike Wohlfahrtstätter

Position: Stand Catering Sales Manager

Favourite dish:

Sushi! We have the biggest Japanese community outside of Japan here in Düsseldorf!

What I like abut my job:

My job is multifaceted and I like working independently. I manage the stand catering on the exhibition site. I would not manage without my telephone and computer. I like contact with people; our customers are from all over the world – brilliant.

Name: Wojtek John

Position: Chef

Favourite dish:

I like combinations of meat and vegetables. My current favourite is chicken breast marinated in chilli and honey with crisp vegetables.

What is important to me as a cook:

Work must always be fun too. I have all kinds of different tasks in my everyday fair work as a chef. Customer satisfaction is the most important thing for me.