Environmental protection from purchase to disposal

SV Group Deutschland work constantly on reducing the burden on the environment along the entire value creation chain. And beyond that too. Starting from purchase and working right through to disposal.

In between that process our guests can enjoy freshly produced meals – tastily prepared by our cooks. Because enjoyment and environmental protection can go together.

We have been focussing on dealing with resources carefully for a long time. Our Swiss parent company set up a specialist environmental unit as far back as the early 1990s. Our environmental commitment has come on in leaps and bounds ever since. Today, a multitude of our operations are certified for environmentally and resource-friendly work. We view our commitment to sustainability as a consistent process. We orientate ourselves towards international standards and recommendations from environmental groups, develop measures together with customers and suppliers and undergo internal environmental audits. Our employees play a central supporting role here.

The measure package is constantly being developed. For example, the consistent monitoring of internal processes, the reduction of wet waste, the recycling of old fat and optimised purchasing and processing. In the field of cleaning, we examine both the cleaning products and the processes and technology (such as the dishwashers).